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We have a dedicated team at Paca Hydraulics who are ready to provide you with extensive knowledge and excellent customer service regarding all your hydraulic hose, fittings and pre-made hose assemblies needs. We have a variety of different experts from knowledgeable and friendly Sales Advisors to our Product processing and Operations specialists. Here's a little bit about who they are and how they can help you in deciding what to get for your needs.


rich hodgson

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managing partner

In order to stay on top and strive to push the company forward, Rich isn’t afraid to take risks and develop new business practices that are on the cutting edge of technology. He has the vision of leading the company into the future in order to stay relevant organization on the face of a massive industry change. Daily Rich develops strategies and communicates with the sales and marketing team to make sure they do well and succeed and the company moves in the right direction. He’s been successful before with his previous endeavors like establishing, growing the WHD network and advancing the organization into the next phase of distribution and he’s also lead the Eaton distribution network in updating the company’s product offering to reflect Eaton’s innovative technologies and lastly Implemented a well-working sales system and establish the companies marketing department. Rich is the companies visionary and will push boundaries and implement change in order to stay on top.

andy mccorkell


managing partner

Andy’s background as a Charted Professional Accountant gives him a baseline of his foundational knowledge and skills that helps him succeed in his role as a Managing partner. He looks forward to the challenges and opportunities each day brings. He makes sure the customers are always a top priority because he states” We exist only because our customers choose to do business with us”. Over the years he’s developed a strong and professional team that he looks forward to working with every day, he’s especially proud when his team members put on their ‘white gloves’ to help a customer. Andy enjoys the business side of the business, having to make decisions and take calculated risks on a daily basis. He brings stability to the company and making sure we’re always striving to prosper. 

doug degen


inside sales, technical support specialist , purchasing

If you need to know anything about hydraulics from price to assembly Doug is your go-to specialist. For over 21 years he’s been an expert on hydraulic related products and can help guide you on what you need. Not only that but he’s our jack of all trades from providing excellent customer service, being a technical support specialist to working on special products for the company his versatility knows no bounds. His extensive product knowledge makes him a great asset to Paca and one of the best in the industry.

dale chan


customer service supervisor

Dale’s vast knowledge, long history with automotive tools and outstanding communication skills makes him very valuable to the team. He’s always friendly and handles every conversation with positivity making it easier for customers when interacting with him. He makes sure he oversees the teams, solving any issues customers are having and finding efficient solutions and supporting his team by leading them in the right direction. Because of his excellent customer management skills and good problem-solving skills, he looks after some of Paca’s major accounts. He understands what a customer needs and where they’re coming from and he’s always calm and patient in every interaction.

paul quinn


business development manager

For over 23 years Paul has achieved numerous feats such as conducting customer training sessions across Canada with Distributor partners, helped develop Key national distributor networks, he has over 20 years of outside sales experience and has achieved the highest level for fluid conveyance training just to name a few. Daily he communicates with Distributors to help them asses their hydraulic needs and trains end-users on safe and efficient hydraulic hose assembly makings. At the end of the day, his goal is for our customers and distributors to succeed and make sure both his team and clients successful.

neil chezepock


account manager

Neil is one of our forefront people at Paca, attending countless trade shows, networking events and other industry events to further his network and overall industry knowledge. Within a short amount of time, he’s gained extensive product knowledge regarding Eaton Weatherhead and built a strong and trusting foundation with existing Paca customers. He goes above and beyond for our clients and reaching out daily whether it’s through phone , email or in a face to face meeting and also develops marketing plans/ strategies for the company. He’s also not afraid of a little workplace banter to keep things interesting and fun in the workplace. Neil is dedicated to Paca and puts his heart and soul into his work, he believes in the product he represents and genuinely wants to help customers when it comes to hydraulics solutions and maintains excellent customer relations with current and potential clients.

sierra vitorino

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customer service/ sales support

Sierra oversees any questions or inquiries that our customers have and is in charge of accurately processing the customer’s orders once they’ve been placed. She continues to serve our customers on a daily basis and assisting them with her expanding knowledge on hydraulics to help them accurately. She has successfully crimped multiple hose assemblies and has knowledge about crimping hoes. Sierra is very easy going and gives all our client's top-flight customer service which makes her a very valuable addition to the team.

marvin escalante


business development manager

Marvin currently takes an active leadership role in managing key distributor partner relationships. He leads the outside team in providing solutions, developing programs and implementing overall growth strategies for our existing and new distribution partners. Marvin his very talented when it comes to product, sales training and enjoys working with new sales teams and organizations looking to grow their footprint into the hydraulics space.

herb bauman

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store manager

Herb is our dedicated Store manager with a vast product knowledge who’s been helping out clients for 40 years. He’s a seasoned veteran in who’s managed our Guelph store all by himself for 15 years and now he’s in charge and manages our Kitchener location. He makes sure all our clients get excellent customer service whether it’s on the phone or in the store. He’s well known for having the best product knowledge and his excellent customer relationship management skills.

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